Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love my spiders!

Ok, so this blog is totally turning out to be a one trick pony. Because I keep talking about spiders. Really, there's more to my life than arachnids. Talking about them just makes them less creepy. Anyway, today my basement suite became suddenly overrun with flying ants. And my spiders rose to the occasion and killed a lot of them. And I was extremely grateful. Flying ants are seriously gross. And there is never just one of them, there's always a huge swarm. Now they're all dead in piles of pink dust in my living room. I'll vacuum them up tomorrow. 

In other news, Scott has reappeared, and in the wake of the flying ant epidemic I was extremely glad to see him. I also discovered his brother Ron, but he quickly disappeared, disturbingly close to my pyjamas. 

Also, I spent a ridiculous amount of money- an amount that I will not disclose- on fabulous vintage clothing. Pictures are soon to follow, as soon as I figure out how to work the camera on my computer. 

Monday, August 18, 2008

New apartment, new blog

It's not really an apartment. It's a basement suite. And I am living with spiders. The title of this blog came from all of the spiders, in kind of a roundabout way. When I moved, there were even more spiders than there are now, and I managed to vacuum most of them up. However, there was one in the corner of my bedroom by an exposed pipe that kept foiling my attempts. So I decided that I should just keep it as a pet, and name it, and then maybe I wouldn't be scared of it anymore. I named it Scott Asheton, after the drummer of the Stooges. It just seemed to fit. A few days later I found another spider in the bathroom, thats position made it impossible to kill. I named that one James Williamson after the lead guitarist of the Stooges. And then I realized that a month ago I had named my frog Iggy, and that now I had named 3 out of 5 of the Stooges. (On a side note, I just listened to their new album and it's awful. And they look more beat up than the Stones.) Anyway, I want to turn my suite into a swinging bachelorette pad/house of madness. And I remembered that the Stooges called their communal party house the funhouse. So that's what I called my blog. 

Today Scott Asheton (the spider one) is gone from the corner of my room. I am alternately sad and apprehensive. Because, while I guess I will miss him, the other thing about having spiders as pets is you want to know where they are. Scott could be hiding anywhere, and I really don't want to be surprised.